The Old Light House

Trying to swim I take big gulps of the salty water then I see a flashing light.

I clime up to the shore I can see a old light house. I can here a voice, “Hello” none responds. I am at the top of the light house and some crashed in to me. “ Sorry” “that’s ok I am just looking for my town” “take some towels for the drive.” I start the car up and it doesn’t work. I start a long walk home but I see lots of light houses. I made it back home and there was a new light house built down the street.

One thought on “The Old Light House”

  1. Hi Ella, I think your story is very impressive. It’s amazing. I’m wondering what is the mysterious force that makes light house built so quickly. Well done. Keep writing~

    Xuerong Huang (Team 100wc)

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