Monkeys Can fly But Evil

I did’t realise they could fly the monkeys could fly. “Crystal We need to run because they are evil and can fly. Boom get in the house. The house was dark there was none inside until we hear a well well. I heard very smiley voice but dark It was… our old Ex-friend Olivia. “so hiii and I programmed your monkeys and yeah want to get rid of you all so we good” Crystal and me stared. “ahh not good so yeah we need to go.  She walked away I pulled a bobby pin out of my hair and undid the lock and yeah she was gone.

The Old Light House

Trying to swim I take big gulps of the salty water then I see a flashing light.

I clime up to the shore I can see a old light house. I can here a voice, “Hello” none responds. I am at the top of the light house and some crashed in to me. “ Sorry” “that’s ok I am just looking for my town” “take some towels for the drive.” I start the car up and it doesn’t work. I start a long walk home but I see lots of light houses. I made it back home and there was a new light house built down the street.

This Dark Is So Odd

Crash, Box fall down when a flash of light, then darkness. I escaped from the falling box and.

“Mum we need to get out fast”

“ Emma you are safe ok then lets go.”

I see my friend but the have black vaporiser around them. People are not live I need to fine. I fall to the ground so does mum then we are in a dark room with a person how wearing black

“ this is master you will do what I say.”

I grab a bobby pin from my hair and unlock the lock. I ran to the lab and make a poison and it normal again.

the gem part 2 LIve evil is Back

I am tiring to oar this boat. I am at my the dock.

“Ella you are probably so wistful and hands so wrinkled” said my friends.

I make it back home the gem is still in the safe I am sure that its only a matter of time before…

“The day will come when I will rule the world” Said a very evil voice. I need to go to the magic mushroom. I was at it so was live evil I shot me with his super blast. I got super powers just then boom goes mine bang of fire. I ran home an he went. He will come back soon

Mystery Part One( Get the GEM)

BOOM!! Suddenly a darkness enveloped the room

“MUM” screams a sudden voice the room
“Yes Ella what happened”

“I think live Evil happened”

“ well ok its time for school”

The bell rang then an Evil laugh stared to ring.

I found my friends Crystal and Jasmine. Then it just turned normal again. My teacher ran away. I said” Hey girls we need to get to the gem before Live Evil gets it”. Water splashes up leaving it all up to us.” Quickly get the gem OH NO HE IS HERE”. We got to the school put it back in the safe. Evil said”I WILL GET THE GEM”.