No, She said I like Marmite It is SO MUCH BETTER THEN JAM. The next day I yelled” MUM, MUM ITS IS FOOD FEST AND THIS WILL PROVE  THAT MARMITE! IS SO MUCH BETTER”.  Roll up, Roll up the food fest is here.

Hi my name is Jasmine, and can we have 5000 tickets please. Sorry little Jasmine we only have 40 tickets left so you can take them. Ok thank you.

Look marmite! By 3000 Marmite for free. Oh YES please mum yes or NO. OK fine. Thank you so much store man.

We went home and my friend Crystal GOT 100000000 MARMITE!!!!

Jasmine Help Me With A Statue

BANG, what is that sound. I peeked out my window and it was a old man for a statue just out of know were music stared to play. “ Ella honey come down for breakfast And a surprise.” “ OK MUM LIKE THE SURPRISE IS NOT GOING TO BE GOOD” I screamed walking down the hall. JASMINE you’re here. Look there is a weird Statue. Just then “ Hi Ella and Jasmine I’m here to make life FUN!!!!” That’s just weird. Me and Jasmine push the weird statue in the water “ I need friends” it said as we pushed it in the lake. Now we can live a normal Life.

Orange One + 2 evil robots

The orange one spoke first to me. “You need to run home now Ella, the Pink and Blue robot is coming for you” Said Orange One. So I Built Two robots that are evil. BANG! I crashed just before my lab were I built the robots. Ella, Ella, pink and blue are coming NOW. ‘’Jasmine we need a super strong Orange two fast’’. Ok coming right now.  A fast light was coming down from space I New that it was going to be them. CRASH! They have landed Now. Lets go. I got unstable they put they in the trash. But were they still alive?

Just A Little Over Fear

Hey how did you let my balloon go?  To be clear You need to get over your fear Olivia.

But but it was big and brown Ella.  Oh dear Olivia I will never ever hurt you with a balloon.

Next day at school all the kids stared to through balls and air kicked at My Best friend Olivia. “ HAHA YOU ARE SCERED OF BIG BALLOONS HAHA” SAID THE KIDS.

Bang bang that’s when I got frightening of a storm.

We went home a My dog Rusty was braking.

At school the next day Olivia Said tho the mean kids” Hey hey I am not scared of balloons